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  • Your equine ability and knowledge, funds available and your time for activities including, but not limited to, vet visits, grooming, exercise, care and management. 
  • Ownership preference: Lease, share or purchase.
  • Particular requests in breed, gender, color.


Looking for a horse?

Shadarobah is in constant contact with the community. If you are interested in finding a particular type of horse and do not see it on our adopt page we may still be able to help match you.  Please contact us and include the following information:

To find a new home, a leasee or a sharer for your horse it is critical to provide as much detail as possible to ensure a good match is made.



  • Health comments & any known medical issues
  • Background on the horse
  • Current circumstances causing the need to re-home
  • Picture of the horse


  • Your Name & Contact Information
  • Name & Age of horse
  • Breed & Gender of horse
  • Color & Hands
  • Comments on whether horse is rideable & level of rider recommended

While Shadarobah does not have the facilities to take every horse, we can extend help by listing your horse on our adoption page & help match you with a prospective adopter. 


If you are interested in having us help re-home your horse please contact us and include the following information:



Recent studies show that only one in five animals obtained through 'free to a good home' ads actually go to permanent, loving homes.


Responsible horse owners have an increasingly tough time finding a good home for their horses and are turning to classified ads or online ads such as Craigslist thinking that they’re doing the right thing for their horse.


Beware: Free to good home is laden with individuals looking to profit from the situation. Kill buyers, hoarders & collectors, often pose as loving homes. They make great promises about providing a loving home conning unwary owners.


If you don’t put much thought into what happens to your horse after you sell him, the sad truth is there is a high probability that he will end up at a horse auction where he will be purchased by a kill buyer.

Free To Good Home


Shadarobah receives inquiries everyday from people whose personal circumstances have changed - people who can no longer continue to care for their beloved horse(s).  More often than not they have already tried to find a home for their horse only to be confronted with people who lack the knowledge, commitment and financial resources. As well as, dishonest and unscrupulous people who do not have the horses' best interest at heart. This experience leaves owners feeling disillusioned and anxious about the likelihood of finding a suitable home for their four-legged best friend. 


Even in the most dire of circumstances it is amazing how help can come from genuine, caring people when you least expect it.



Options, resources & guidance for owners

Things happen, situations change. Unexpected circumstances, illness, injury, death, economic issues. Responsible owners can sometimes find themselves searching for a good home for their beloved horse. Shadarobah is available to help you find a suitable, long term, loving home for your horse.