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Shadarobah is a 501(c)(3)

charitable organization


Other Payment Methods

By Phone 260-402-5206

Contact us via email

or mail check to:

P.O. Box 15323
Fort Wayne, IN 46885


Make a Monthly Donation

Your monthly donation provides critical support for Shadarobah's work year round. Please consider setting up a monthly online payment with your bank.


Sponsor a Horse

Most of our horses could use a good friend. Select your favorite horse (or horses!) and ensure they have everything they need. Scroll down to view our horses.


Matching Gifts

Double or triple your donation with a matching gift from your employer.


Memorial Donations

Remember loved ones by supporting our cause for a lasting impact. Contact Us


Tribute Donations

Honor someone with a gift to Shadarobah in their name. Contact Us


Legacy Gifts and Gift Planning

Large or small, these gifts are vital to our ongoing rescue work. Contact Us


Make a difference today

Shadarobah is funded through our many fun events, sponsorships, and donations of grain, hay, tack, and of course, the green stuff. With a full barn we are ALWAYS in need of donations & sponsors.

Please help!



Whether you love Paints, a fan of Arabians or just like his smile, feel free to select your favorite horse & make a donation specifically towards him or her.

Sponsor a Horse

Your donation of:



  • $1,000+ supports our overall mission

  • $10 buys a hay bale & feed


  • Hay
  • Grain
  • Front Loader
  • Items for Auction Benefits
  • Farrier (Hoof Trimming) Sponsorships

In Kind

Select Your Donation


May The Future Be Better Than The Past


  • $60 provides much needed dental work


  • Vaccination Sponsorships
  • 4lb Mineral Blocks
  • Flat-Back Buckets
  • Minor Electrical & Plumbing Work


  • $250 feeds a horse for a month




Fix My Feet 

Hoof Care


Protect Me



Provide my

Overall Care  


Feed me for

1 Month   


In Memory

of Glory    


Arabian gelding

I was loaded for my FINAL truck ride when Shadarobah

pulled me off. I was able to live out my final years loved.

 Please donate in my memory



20 yr Thoroughbred mare

My Jumping Days are behind me, but I still have lots of spirit!



Mustang Gelding
I have something they call a freeze brand... I don't know what
that means, but I guess it makes me special!  Everyone loves me.




I am a 20+ year old Paint Mare.  I have wonderful ground manners

and would love to have someone of my own for lazy rides.



12 Yr old Quarter Cross Gelding 

I am the KING of the rescue!  I am the one who started it all!



8 Yr Old Thoroughbred Gelding

I was surrendered by my owner. 

My back has some issues,

and I am not rideable, but I enjoy hanging out and

playing in the pature!


8 yr Grulla Arab/Quarter Cross Mare
My Fosters have done WONDERS for my confidence!
I am looking for someone to continue my training

and be my NEW BFF!!!


26 Yr Old Quarter Pony Cross Buckskin Mare

I don't see so well anymore, but I am super cute and

have more personality than you will believe!

Wont you be my BFF???



20 + Pacer Mare

I have not had the best of luck with people.  You really need 

to earn my trust. But I would love to have someone to call

my own....


30+ yr old Quarter Horse

I used to be a show horse!  But now, I just like to show 

my skill at looking good in the pasture.... please donate to my care


Older Appaloosa Mare

I just like to hang out in the pasture and look AMAZING!

teach me the ropes.  I would be good at anything !