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  • April 22, 2010 (note that article is a bit out of date)



+ countless volunteers!

  • 2Main locations

  • 6 satellite sites

  • 14 horses

  •  ponies

  • 1 mini-horse

...and a lady with a huge heart

In May of 2008 Michelle heard about a horse in need of a home.  She made the drive out to see him.  It quickly became evident he was in a dire situation. Michelle realized Leroy would die if left there. While Michelle had absolutely no horse experience, she knew she could not walk away. She was moved to save Leroy.

Within 2 days, Michelle had a plan. She found property with a barn. In record time she moved Leroy to a temporary boarding facility. Even at that facility there were three horses who had been abandoned: Blue, Duchess and Angel.  All would move with Leroy to the barn on Highway 33  between Fort Wayne and Churubusco in July of 2008.


Shadarobah Horse Rescue was born.

Shadarobah Today

Over 300 Horses have come through our doors

It all began with Leroy...

Shadarobah takes in horses that are in need of homes due to changes in family situations or economic conditions, as well as, saving them from slaughter.  We also work with local law enforcement to ensure proper care of animals involved in bad situations. We nurture and nourish these beautiful animals, many of which have been through very traumatic times, including some who have been malnourished. We share our horses with all who wish to spend time with and love them.