May The Future Be Better Than The Past

Check out a great article by the Journal Gazette on the important role Shadarobah has had in the community "Horse rescue needs rescuing of its own"

Shardarobah now has 2 primary locations and several satellite sites. We have opportunities for volunteers at each of these locations.  

Update on Shadarobah relocation:

How to help

  • Donate!We are providing feed, medication and other supplies to foster families who have taken in and are caring for Shadarobah horses during this time. Your donations are needed now more than ever.

  • Gas cards. Our volunteers are making-up feed bags and driving them out to our foster families on a daily basis. With foster families located throughout the greater Fort Wayne community we are putting on a lot of miles!

  • Help us fund raise and volunteer.With multiple locations we are in need of volunteers to help feed, muck and groom. We're sure to have a location near you!

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Our Mission:

May the future be better than the past.

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Shadarobah’s mission is to save horses from slaughter, abuse and neglect; then place them in loving and nurturing homes.

Part of that mission includes educating people on the plight of horses and making it possible for all people to enjoy the great gift of knowing a  horse!



There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

- Sir Winston Churchill



Resources for horse owners wishing to find a responsible new owner for their much loved horse.


 Change the world for that one horse. Provide them with a much needed second chance at happiness.


Volunteers are key to our ongoing success! We depend on our caring volunteers to help rescue horses that have been surrendered, abused, neglected or on their way to slaughter.


We are a volunteer organization funded entirely on your donations. Your gift is guaranteed to go directly toward saving horses lives.